Margaret Mead

Gender Studies By: Tzi Coles

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead (1901-1978) was an important perso in the Women's Right Movement. Mead was born in Philadelphia on December 16, 1901 and studied at DePauw University in Indiana for one year before attending Barnard College in New York, where she graduated in 1923.

Mead was eager in 1925 to find a "people" of her own to study and become identified with, as her mentors Boas and Ruth Benedict had done. She helped to develop ideas about sex, culture, education, and child rearing that influenced several generations. She never hesitated to speak out in support of equal rights for women, civil rights legislation, better care for the elderly, nuclear disarmament, protection of the environment, and improved public education. Mead died on November 15, 1978.

If Margaret wasn't born I think gender studies would of never been studies and it wouldn't never contributed to the Women's Right Movement. Margaret has affected me because now I know that it doesn't matter what gender you are, you're still equal.

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