North Dallas Forty

Peter Gent


Phil Elliott is a wide receiver for the North Dallas Bulls in the 1970s. Elliott is approaching the end of his career as he faces many challenges including playing time. This fictional book brings the reader into the social life of professional football players. The lives of players within the book are consumed by sex, drugs, and alcohol. The author of the book is a former professional football player, so one can assume the lives of the players in the book are accurate.


The book was very eye-opening considering how extravagant the lives of professional athletes were. The book is a great read for fans of sports and former athletes. A former athlete can relate to the stress a sport puts on an individual, and how the performance of an individual reflects his/her mood. However, a current athlete should shy away from this book due to the horrible influences the book portrays like sex, drugs, and alcohol.


Phil Elliott - Phil is the main character of the book. He is a wide receiver for the North Dallas Bulls, a professional football team. He has an addiction to drugs, especially pain killers. The book revolves around the life of Phil, from playing football to partying.

Seth Maxwell - Seth is the the quarterback of the North Dallas Bulls. He is the most popular player on the team and around the city. Seth is Phil's closest friend and parties just as much as Phil does.

B.A. Strothers - B.A. is the head coach of the North Dallas Bulls. His only presence in the book is during the football scenes. He is well respected by the men he coaches and is known as a "player's coach".

Favorite Passage

"The team itself is a fiction and playing for B.A. made it all the more obvious to me. Team success to B.A. meant personal success. But it wasn't winning that B.A. cared about, or football, or God; it was how those things combined to make him successful. That is why i know, even though Maxwell and B.A. seem to share a strong mutual respect, that one day B.A. will destroy Maxwell. Maxwell is an individual and will eventually compete with his coach for the real prize - personal success."

The theme of this passage is the same for the entire book. Self interest and personal success is shown in every page of this book. Every professional athlete, or coach, mentioned in the book was selfish and only cared about themselves. The fame of professional football is higher than any other profession. The stakes are also high to maintain at the top. This is my favorite passage because it shows how arrogant the characters are. In order to achieve personal success, the players and coaches must rely on each other.

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