Water Crisis in Nepal B3

Georgia Smith & Emma Coull

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Facts And Statistics

~ Nepal has a population of 28,120,740 people

~ 42% of Nepalese people live below the poverty line

~ Only 80% of people have access to drinking water

~ 44,000 children die each year from waterborne illnesses

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Water Issues in Nepal

The the drinking water is often unsafe because it is polluted by industry and domestic waste along with discharge of untreated sewage. It can also be harmful because the surface and groundwater deteriorating by contaminations. Since Nepal's population is increasing, the need for fresh water is also growing. The waste pollution is infecting the water as well.
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Solutions for the Water Crisis

Some solutions that the citizens of Nepal should consider include better sewage systems, less pollution that damages the water, and getting rid of harmful chemicals from the water/ cleaning the water. Less children and people in general will be getting waterborne illnesses if they follow these clean-up solutions. Better sewage systems will also help keep the water clean and supply fresh water for the people.
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