The Generations of the Computer

The Six Different Generations of Computers

First Generations of Computers

The first generation of computers were large and could not be moved once it was built since it was new it was very unreliable. And there were no keyboards the way you input information into it was by code. If you messed up typing something in then you had to start over from the beginning of the sentence. They cost alot of money to build something that was the best during that time period. If you were near the computer you could feel the heat from the computer because of how hot it got. The only way that these computers could work from not overheating is having an A.C unit near it to keep it cool. And it consumed ALOT of electricity.

Second Generation of Computers

The time period of the second generation of the computers was 1959-1965 and were much more different and more advanced than the first generation. The computer parts were used cheaper and used less was used and it didn't produce so much heat and did not take as much space as the first generations it was much more smaller and was more reliabe

Sixth Generation of Computers

The sixth generation is our current piece of technology for computers and also the gaming computers are similar to the fifth generation but there a some producers of graphics card for gaming which today is a really big thing for alot of people. Sixth Generation computers are different you can get a good running computer for less if you build one because now parts are available to people who can afford it. Sixth generation computers are just a better version of the other generations which the only difference is designs and the hardware inside the computer and the software to make the computer work has evolved over many years.