First Modern Sculptor


Donatello di NIccolo di Betto Bardi was born on 1386 in Florence, Italy. His parent and friends gave him the nickname "Donatello." His father was a craftsman so Donatello was placed on the road of working in the trades. Probably the first time Donatello received artistic training from a local goldsmith.At age 14, Donatello helped Lorenzo Ghiberti on his commission he got to make the bronze doors for the Baptistery of the Florence Cathedral.


Donatello's painting were painted with vibrant colors. Some of Donatello work is Saint John, Saint Mark, Saint George, Pazzi Madonna, Habakkuk, Feast Of Herod, Jeremiah, Tabernacle of the Annunciation,The Cantoria, David, set in Bronze, and Equestrian Monument of Gattamelata. The statue of David was probably the most famous of his work. The statue of David represented an allegory of civic virtue triumphing over brutality and irrationally. Another famous work of art by Donatello was a bronze statue name Gattamelata. It represented a person riding a horse in full armor, minus a helmet.

Interesting facts

Donatello wasn't married and has no children. Some research showed that Donatello and Brunelleschi had a friendship around 1470 and traveled to Rome to study classical ruins. Donatello also became friends with Cosimo de'Medici. They shared a fascination with the ancient world. Since they lived close to each other that is how their paths must have crossed.

Impact on today

The influence of Donatello's style is more and less in works of the late 14th-century Italian decorative tradition. Donatello's monuments are the supreme expression of the spirit of the early Renaissance in architecture and sculpture and exercised a potent influence upon the painters of that age.


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