Between Shades Of Gray

Ruta Sepetys


This book captures a time in history looked over and practically forgotten. How would you feel if one night you were being told to get out of your house by the police for no reason at all? This book keeps you on edge and gives vivid description of real life events.
This book was was capable of making me angry, cry and overall a feeling of sympathy for everyone who went through these horrific events. Between Shades Of Gray is a great book to give you a new perspective on life.

Favorite passage

I know it sounds cheesy but I truly believe that love can save your life, you know, to love something so deeply and so much that it becomes the very life within you that sustains you. That shows us that love is the most powerful army, and it’s not about bombing, it’s about believing.

Character Poem

Lina Vilkas

Thin, honey colored hair, ordinary

Stalin, N.K.V.D

Drawing, Deteriorating, Aching, Aiding

1941, Baltic States

Sad, Scared, Sympathetic