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WiFi Hotspots Critical to Business Growth; WiFi Foundation Can Help

UK, (April 25, 2013) – As more businesses offer WiFi Hotspots, the more customers come to expect free WiFi Hotspots offered by an array of businesses. While large businesses, such as major chain hotels and airports have the resources to provide WiFi Hotspots with great ease, small local businesses – who must compete – are being left behind.

WiFi Foundation is a non-profit community WiFi network launched in January 2011, and is currently the only provider of networked Wi-Fi Hot Spots without an ongoing subscription fee. It gives small businesses the ability to compete on a level playing field in the broadband marketplace.

In as little as 48 hours, any business – regardless of size - can join the growing list of businesses offering free WiFi Hotspots to their customers. Typical barriers have included cost of setup, cost of equipment, cost of maintenance and the complexities of legal compliance. In addition to drawing in customers and increasing sales, these businesses want to gain something tangible in return for providing the Wi-Fi Service. Thanks to the financial support of HTL Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi Foundation provides solutions to those concerns.

Providing WiFi Hotspots is not without some risk. WiFi Foundation can assist in that regard as well. As governments worldwide strive to protect us from evil forces, more and more legislation is passed placing a large responsibility on the providers of Internet Services to log and monitor activity. As an organisation providing Wi-Fi Internet access to the public, you have to abide by these laws and the penalties can be severe.

WiFi Foundation can fill both needs: allowing every business to provide WiFi Hotspots to its customers; and, protecting businesses with the liability that comes with providing such a service. It is the answer to all the questions and truly offers its clients the best of both worlds.

Point your browser to http://www.wififoundation.org for more information and to start providing your customers with access to the digital age.

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Company Name: WiFi Foundation

Website: http://www.wififoundation.org