Jayson Blair

By: Michael Nerren


Jayson Blair was a Journalist that lied in a ton of the stories he made. It all started 2003 when someone asked him about the similarities in his story and in Macarena Hernandez story. They then found out that he had used plagiarism and he had fabricated a lot his stories. They biggest story that he lied about was the piece called Making Sniper Suspect Talk Puts Detective in Spotlight. He claimed to be in Virginia when he found this stuff out. In his story he described a videotape of Lee Malvo, the younger defendant in this case, was being questioned by the police. There was no tape. Blair also claimed that he noticed blood on the man's jeans. Which did not happen. Blair Reassigned for lying in all his stories in 2003.

My opinion

My opinion on what he is it was really dumb of him. There was no way that he could lie and plagiarize his stories and get away. I don't why he did it in the first place. Also the fact that he did it with multiple stories was even dumber. I mean did he really think he would not get caught?

How I Would Have Done It

If was a journalist than I would have never lied. I would have thought about it and then let it go. I would not go to lengths trying to cover it up because I knew that wouldn't work and then I would just try and fine and normal story in which I didn't have to lie to get people to read my work.

The Action That Was Taken

I believe that the action that was not taken was fair. All he had to do was resign and that was it, he went back to college to go study politics. He left times a disaster and he just got off Scott free so if you ask me I think he should have been punished more severely


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