Hugo Chavez

Nick Barnard


Born into a working class family , Chavez decided to become a military officer at a early age. He was dissatisfied with the Venezuelan Political system.

When He was sworn into presidency he placed all of his leftists allies at higher positions so there was a small chance that he gets overthrown or disliked by people with valued opinions. He had appointed a secret police to take out any opponent that went against him. When he was in presidency Chavez sold oil to Cuba and resisted efforts to stop narcotic trafficking in Columbia, and subsequently strained relations with the United States.

Chavez: Man Of The People Or Communist Autocrat?

Analysis of Video

In this video it shows where Chavez meets with a little girl and they say that she sees him as Santa. This just shows how Chavez was seen as a father figure to all the people in Venezuela. Whether or not he placed leftists in higher positions he wanted to satisfy the people as when he was a boy he was displeased with the way that Venezuelan government worked.

Poem - By Barney

Chavez was supposedly a good man,

But he slapped Venezuela with a silent left hand,

Speaking of leftists he placed them as political leaders,

He tried to increase the amount of Venezuelan readers,

He was supposedly a good man,

But when he can't get people to shut up his secret police can.

Essential Question

Was Hugo Chavez more concerned about welfare of the Venezuelan people or of keeping the opposition out of sight when he was in power?