Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- January 27, 2017

Week at a Glance

Reading- Students are loving the book The Family Under the Bridge. They're making some great connections, describing characters using text evidence, making predictions, and making inferences. We've tried to really focus on beyond the text questions, which causes us to stop and think why the author uses the language he/she uses. This book is also exposing kids to some new, and interesting vocabulary!

Math- We have continued talking about multiplication and looking at patterns within multiples. So far we've focused on 2, 4, 5, and 10.
Students have come up with some great rules:

  • every multiple of 10 is also a multiple of 5.
  • every multiple of 4 is also a multiple of 2.
  • Multiples of 5 always have a 5 or 0 in the ones place.
  • Multiples of 2, 4, and 10 are always even.
  • When you multiply a # by 2, you double the #.
  • When you multiply a # by 4, you double the # twice.

Writing- We finished up our personal narratives this week, and will be moving on to a new genre next week. Students also wrote a letter to a toy company, explaining how they think light bulbs work and how toys may light up. This will end up tying into our next science unit, which will deal with circuits.

Science- We started our next e4tech unit! Yay! Today students played the game "Operation," to try and brainstorm what's happening in the game as they play. We saw a lot of "light bulbs" go off as students played. haha

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FUNdations will be done a little differently from now on. Each week students will receive a list of "spelling words" that will align with the weekly focus. Students will receive the list on Monday and will have a test over the words the following Monday. This week they have a list of words, but the test on Monday will be more of a practice to have students understand the format.

Word Journeys kiddos will continue to get their lists as normal, with tests being on Mondays as well.

Genius Hour Presentations

Please keep in mind that all students will be doing their entire project at school.

Students will present their Genius Hour presentations after school on Wednesday, February 8th from 4-6. Students will stay after school for these, and a permission slip will be coming home soon for that. We understand that with sports some students may not be able to stay for these, so we will also allow students to present in our SLC for other classes Thursday morning.

Presentations will be set up similar to a wax museum where students stand at their presentation and present as people walk up to them. They will not present one at a time, in front of everyone.

Pi Day 5k

The Teaching & Learning Collaborative is one of the organizations that created our e4tech lessons. We have participated in many professional development opportunities through this organization, and they have provided amazing opportunities for our students.

Every year, this organization sponsors a "PiDay 5k," for which all proceeds go to amazing professional development programs for teachers prek-12. It would be so cool if The Think Tank participated in this 5k, as this organization has done so much for our classroom!! Mrs. Callahan and Miss Pratt will be there.

Please consider signing yourself and your child up for this awesome event! Click here to do so!:

Here is a link to a training program that would help you get ready: