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You Ask - We Answer

Enjoy our first Digital Edition Links to Literacy where we answer questions from around the district.
December: links to literacy
  • The slides containing the questions and answers in written form are found on December: Links to Literacy.
  • Quick & Meaningful Writing Assessment is the course by Ruth Aryes referred to in the video. Ruth is a writing coach who is passionate about sharing ways to make writing instruction, conferring, and assessment both efficient and effective. Check it out to learn more about setting grading goals

Creation Day Proposal

Literacy Offering for February 3rd, 2017

Watch for Creation Day schedules that include many literacy offerings covering the following topics:

  • Flipped Writing Lessons
  • Conferring Toolbox Creation
  • Informal Running Record
  • Grammar and Word Study (Presented by Heather White CESA 7 Literacy Coordinator)
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Facebook Group

Join our HSSD Literacy Facebook GROUP. Our literacy team will collectively share literacy tips, suggestions and resources. You can also search for us using @HSSDLiteracy or visit our Facebook Homepage.


LIVE Professional Growth Opportunity!

On January 16, from 3:45-4:00 we will be streaming live on our Facebook page: HSSD Literacy. This month's focus will be on Flipped Writing Lessons. Tune in to watch and learn from district literacy coaches as they explore how teachers can create targeted writing instruction videos to be accessed by student writers performing at various levels of proficiency.

Contact Your Literacy Coaches

Have a question related to literacy?

Email any of our district literacy team members:

Danielle Bemmels - Bay View

Tracy Coopmans - Lineville

Mary Huberty - Forest Glen

Janet Hughes - Suamico/Bay Harbor

Janice Huhtala - Meadowbrook

Susan Tegen - Howard (group email)

Follow us on Twitter @HSSDliteracy #hssdliteracy