Comparison of World Religions

Deanna vess


-When Christ was born.

-Jesus Christ

-Monotheistic (Lord)

-There is only one God. It is believed that he watches over his children and care for them. He was also the son of God and saved in order to save humanity for their sins.

-He died and resurrected for Gods children to have eternal life

-In the land of Judea

-During the first century

-The story I have chosen is "David and Goliath". It is about a giant named Goliath who nobody believed could be defeated because of the fact that whoever confronted him was killed, but one day a boy named David stated that he would confront him but all of society laughed at him and so seeking comfort or guidance he spoke to god about it. He then gathered five rocks and a slingshot and shot them at the giant Goliath, striking him in the head and killing him.

-Two billion people

-Their beliefs were spread through "The Great Commission"

-It is referred to as the "Holy Bible"

-The main roles in the religious views were Priests, Ministers, Monks, and then Nuns

-The Preacher and Pastor are the main leaders in the institution and then the followers fall under them.

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  • -It was taught In the purpose to be spread.
  • -It was started by a Chinese scholar named Confucius.
  • -Technically it is not neither polytheistic nor monotheistic, but is still accepted a polytheistic.
  • -One of their beliefs were the practices of reaching social harmony. Also they also believed in the five cardinal relations. They included :Ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, friend to friend.
  • -It mainly started within the confines of china.
  • -It started within the times of (551-479 B.C.)
  • -One important parable is the importance that was placed on the aspect of respecting your parents. They believed in filial piety which is complete obedience to ones parents or guardians.
  • -
  • -It was spread by the being taught by Confucius himself. After a time it then began to affect peoples religious views.
  • -There are more than one books that are used as the holy book... But the main one is a book called "The Analects" .
  • -There are no specific genres of holy people or those who are " holier" than others. -There are only scholars.
  • -Confucianism doesn't have a leader or "leadership" because there is no god or prophets or anything like that so I guess the leadership would start with Confucius himself and would thus continue onto his students and whoever spreads the teachings of Confucius.
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    -It all started with a prince who was known for rebelling against the religious practices his family performed.

    -It was started by Gautama Siddartha.

    -It is considered Monotheistic under the one god named Buddha.

    -They believe in The "Three Universal Truths" and also the "Four Noble Truths" and took place in India.

    -It began in the time period of 250 B.C. Around the same time that Hinduism began.

    -One parable is that many Buddhists believe in rebirth, the idea of living things that after they die they continue to exist.

    - Three hundred and seventy two milllion people worldwide practice within the religion of Buddhism.

    -The main reason for the spread of Buddhism is believed to be because of "The Silk Road".

    - The religions holy book was known as "Tipitaka".

    -The Buddhists.

    -The Buddha has the highest role in the religion and then its his followers.

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