Callison Kinder Cougar Cubs

From Me-Erika B.

Quick Info from Team Leaders Meeting-For Pre-K & K

  • Our New Shirt-Goes with Emergent Tree (Sorry for the horrible photo)
  • Linda Nichols is going to Berkman, we are getting a new IT person (Jennifer Freeman)
  • 22 new staff, and still some positions pending hires
  • Capturing Kids Hearts Training next week if you didn't get to go before
  • CKH & Emergent Tree will replace HEART (some HEART components will be incorporated into the new programs
  • We can fix up (paint & decorate) our adult restroom, at our expense
  • Transportation changes-Buses will use the 4 digit bus number, on campus we will still use an animal + the bus number (office making new tags)
  • Everyone needs a "Where we are" Poster outside the classroom
  • Team Meeting Notes will be added to shared drive
  • Coffee Fund-We may not have any this $ (there isn't any)
  • Tardy Policy-Kids marked tardy after 7:45, if child comes at 8:00 or later, parents will be asked to escort and sign child in
  • Partners in Ed grants due 08/05

IMPORTANT DATES-Tentative Schedule

  • Fri, Aug. 15th-First day Back AM-Dr. Weishaar, PM-Emergent Tree
  • Mon, Aug. 18th-Prof Dev. (Maybe Dr. Weishaar again)
  • Tue, Aug. 19th-Convocation w/Dr. Flores & RRISD Staff @ Dell Diamond 7:30 am
  • Wed, Aug. 20th-Job Alike Day & Welcome Walk 5:00 pm.
  • Thurs, Aug. 21st-Professional Dev. PM-We bring PM Snacks
  • Fri, Aug. 22nd-Teacher Prep Day-Our 1:1 Appts
  • Mon, Aug. 25th-Teacher Prep Day


Melissa/Office Staff are wanting feedback, ASAP

  • Do we still want for parents who are signing out students to be allowed to come get their child with the red dismissal notes?
  • Or do we want the office to call the classroom and we send the student to the office but then if no answer in class, they have to come down and search for student?
  • Another consideration is whether we should close (turn off) campus at 1:30, unless you have meeting with teachers, or some kind of assembly, raptor would be turned off at 1:30 after all the lunches are over. (This would reduced people in building at dismissal time and those who are hanging out with their child after lunch)