UHMS Principal's Newsletter

April 13, 2020

Distance Learning Week 1

Today marks our first day of official distance learning. Please be sure that your student is logging on to their Chromebook and checking Google Classroom and Google Sites for information on what they need to complete for each class. Students do not have to participate at given times but can work at their own pace to meet the deadlines set for each class. Any instruction provided in real time like on Google Meet will be recorded and posted for students to access later if they cannot attend live.

The district expectation is that students will have approximately 2 hours of work each week per subject area. This means, your student should have about 12 hours of active work time throughout the week. Please remember that while not completing assignments won't hurt your student's current grades, it can help to improve them. It will also help to ensure that they are prepared for the content in the next grade for next school year.

Please suggest that your student find ways to divide and organize their work for the week. They can utilize their school planner and divide out the assignments they will complete each day. Additionally, several teachers are offering online planning tools for their classes.

Teachers will all have office hours when they are available to support students. These office hours will be announced each Monday on their Google classroom pages. Students will also have access to tutoring in the coming weeks, and we will send out additional information as details are finalized.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to teachers, counselors, or administration for assistance.

Thank you,

Mrs. Grimble

Electives Course Requests 2020/2021 (7th grade only)

Attention parents of 7th grade students: Please use the link below to access the elective course request form for your students. Students should fill this out with their parents to select their preferences for electives for next year.


High School Course Selection (8th grade only)

If your student did not complete high school course selection with the counselors from North, please have them check their email for information on how to do so. The counselors from North will be emailing students directly to finalize the process.

Social Emotional Distance Learning

We have several social-emotional and supplemental learning courses available for students to complete through the Everfi platform. Most students have already created accounts and can use the code below to access the next available course. Students who complete courses will be entered into raffles for prizes.

The next available course is Character Playbook. This course is intended to education 7th-9th grade students on healthy relationships, character education, and social-emotional learning. The lessons are short and engaging and students can complete them at their own pace.

Please use this code to access: f932796b

To log on, visit www.everfi.net