Social Innovation and Global Trends

DSIL VC Session 3 | TUESDAY | 25 August @ 1pm ICT

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Ama van Dantzig, cofounder of Dr. Monk and council member of Earth Charter International

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Session Overview

Social Innovation: A case for magic

Our generation faces immense and overwhelming challenges. They are overwhelming because they are not on a human scale: the speed, the size and impact are beyond human. It is a super human task we are faced with and yet we have to face it. We need some magic.Society today is becoming increasingly collaborative by finding common and adoptable solutions to problems that exist.

This session will explore these challenges and the many innovative solutions emerging globally.


  • 'The Story of Solutions'; Free Range Studios (video below)
The Story of Solutions

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Fritjof Capra, The Systems View of Life
Dr Amartya Sen
Banker to the Poor: Lifting Millions Out of Poverty through Social Business
RSA Animate - 21st Century Enlightenment

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Speaker Profile

Ama van Dantzig, cofounder of Dr. Monk and council member of Earth Charter International

A creative mastermind, Ama van Dantzig divides her time between Accra and Amsterdam – building bridges between seemingly opposite worlds. With vast experience on the ground in many African countries and communities, Ama believes in the ability of people to generate ingenious solutions for the challenges of our time. Variety is the spice of life, which is why Ama continues to find energy in the novel and the innovative.

As co -founder of Dr. Monk, Ama works with game changers, pioneers and visionaries to create a brave new world. One that is fair, green, connected and filled with promise. On one end of Dr. Monk’s spectrum of work are big in-depth research projects – in Europe, Africa and South America – and on the other end (media) concepts that activate a broad audience. With headquarters in Amsterdam and Accra, Dr. Monk gains from socio-cultural cross-pollination.

Ama has an academic background in International Development Studies. Prior to setting up Dr. Monk, Ama worked for the National Commission for Sustainable and International Development (NCDO), where she worked to raise awareness on international development issues. She was also a representative of the Dutch Gender platform at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and moved to Ghana as a socio-cultural entrepreneur working with civil society in building various movements.

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