What is it About?

What is pentecost?

Pentecost is the celebration which commemorates the gift of the Holy Spirit to Jesus' apostles. After Jesus rose on Easter, he appeared to each one of his apostles over a stretch of forty days. He tough them the significance of what had happened to him. They may have listen to him but they didn't quite understand, so then Jesus promised to send the the Holy Spirit which would then give them to give to be able to spread good and the word of God all over the world.
All the Apostles then gathered with Mary the mother of Jesus to pray. Ten days later they then heard a load noise and at the moment the Holy Spirit had descended upon them. At that moment they received a spiritual gift which would change their lives as they could now touch the lives of other people.

Why are the benefits of Pentecost?

1. The Holy Spirit allows you understand and obey Gods laws

2. Gods gift blesses and enriches every part of our life

3. It helps us pray more affectively

4. It helps us to learn things more deeply

Pentecost is a great guide for people who want a deeper relationship with God or for people who would like to learn more about the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, come into our hearts, bring the brightness of your light, the warmth of your love, and the fullness of your truth so that our lives may be pleasing to you in every way. Amen