Designing Instruction Based on Goals

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

TEKS is the state of Texas curriculum guidelines for all grade levels and subject areas.

TEKS Do Contain: Basic knowledge (not higher level thinking skills) and prerequisite knowledge necessary for attaining higher level thinking skills.

TEKS Do NOT Include: activities, resources and assessments

Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom works centered on the theory of mastery learning, classification of educational objectives and early childhood education. He devised a hierarchy of thinking skills from lower levels, or basic skills, to higher levels that include more creative, problem- solving ability and critical thinking for students.

Bloom's Three Domains for Objectives

unit plans

Lesson Plans

There are usually many lesson plans involved in a unit, and each lesson should fit into the goals of the unit of which it is a part.

Unit plans should include: title, the overview , instructional outcomes, conceptual map, timetable, the approach ,activities, bibliography, material and evaluation techniques

Lesson Cycle

one of the many types of classroom in­struction and includes the following parts:· Objectives/goals/TEKS, focus and introduction (get students attention, connection to prior knowledge, materials, teacher modeling/direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, assessment/Evaluation, enrichment/Extension activities and closure
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