Haley Brasiel

Birkenau was one of the main concentration camps of the Holocaust. Once everyone was put on the cattle cars and taken out of their towns, they were sent here to this camp where they were separated from their families. Once they were separated, they either got sent to crematoriums or sent to work.

Cattle Cars.

The picture of this cattle car shows where all of the jews were put together after being taken out of there homes. In the cars or "trains", if you were sick, elderly, or close to death, they'd throw you right off of it because they didn't want you to take up room.

Where it all began.

This picture represents where all of this began. This gate is where all of the jews that were taken from all of their homes were sent. Little did they know, this is the last place they'd ever live or see again.


Once they got into this gate, there was no getting out. There were no exits, no sneaking out of there, no jumping fences because it was all barbed wire, nothing! When they got in here, they were immediately separated. If you were old or unfit, they would send you straight to the crematorium. They would separate the families, fathers and their sons went one way, while mothers and their daughters went another way, then the babies would be separated from the families for good.


This is a crematorium. When you were separated at the gate, if you were unfit or old, you were immediately sent here. They set you on fire, while you were still alive. Once the bodies were burned, they'd throw the ashes in piles to dispose of them.


The picture you see is a photo of the inside of a crematorium. This is what the guards placed you in, then they set you on fire, dead or alive.

Gas Chamber.

This gas chamber was also the end of most lives. Hitler or the guards would put 1200-1600 jews in here at a time. That included babies, children, women, and men. They would shut the doors very tightly to make sure no one got out. Without any warning, they'd release very poisonous gas out of fake shower heads and everyone died within the time of 10-15 minutes.

Children Affected.

These children were also affected by the Holocaust. The children you see here were the ones separated from their families. They were all made to strip from their clothes and shave their heads, then they were made to wear Hitler uniforms. They went with nurses where they were all put into rooms and had experiments tested on them.


These tools were used to do experiments on children, and/or adults. The kind of experiments they would do were extremely horrible. Some of them would cut one of your body parts off and sew it on to another part of you, or even just cut it off. Some, they would inject you with a deadly bacteria that caused you to get really sick and infected and end up killing you.

The Hauntings of The Holocaust.

The picture here is a very powerful photo. It shows not only the spirits of people that died from these kind of tragedies but it shows the meaning of very innocent people that were killed for nothing.

Birkenau Today.

This photo has very powerful meaning behind it. On the left, it shows where it all began, from getting off of the cattle cars and going beyond that gate, to never returning. On the right it shows what Birkenau looks like today, a peaceful, but sad place, where no one should ever have to experience something like this.