Imagine Charter at North Lauderdale

August/ September 2020 Newsletter

Principal Message

Hello INL Families,

Welcome Back! We are ready and excited to continue the learning and teaching that we have put forth in the past. Although things look different than how we ended the school year, we are moving forward to ensure that our students receive the education and care that we are known to provide. This year we are using Google Classroom as our educational platform. We will continue to use Class Dojo and robo calls to communicate with our families. All students are given an account to log into their Google Classroom to see their assignments, communicate with their teachers, and connect with their teachers and peers. Lessons will no longer be youtube videos, live instruction will take place through Google Meets. Students will be able to connect to Google Meets through Google Classroom. We know that many of us were very comfortable with using Zoom to connect with teachers, but unfortunately our school issued laptops are not connecting efficiently with Zoom. We have transitioned to Google Meets to ensure that all students can connect. Yes, we also know that Google Meets has all of a sudden given students errors about not being able to connect. We have been working on trying to figure it out. Parents, this is a learning curve for us all. Please continue to bare with us as we continue to work on making everything efficient.

Parents, please remember that students should be wearing their uniform shirt while in class and sitting in an area that is best for them to focus and learn. Students should not be laying down in bed or on the floor while in class. Computers need to be on a sturdy flat surface so that they do not overheat. Also, if you have a school computer, please shut it down nightly. Many of the issues we have noticed is because computers have not been restarted to get the current updates.

Parents, we have strongly suggested that students have headphones while they are distance learning. This not only helps students stay focused, but it also helps to minimize the sounds around them. Now that we are using google meets, teachers are unable to mute students and students are unable to change their backgrounds. Please understand that teachers as well as other families can see and hear what is happening in your house as well as what the teacher is doing.


Families, attendance is mandatory. As with every school year students must be online to participate in their classes. Students must also be seen, please make sure that cameras are on. If you have camera concerns, please contact the front office.

Parents, please ensure that your chid is working independently. We appreciate that parents are close by to monitor their child, but please have your child work independently. We are able to see when parents are doing their child's work. Assessments will be given starting this week. We are looking to see where they are today so that we can help them grow throughout the school year.

Transitioning to Phase 2

The district has decided to look at opening schools every two weeks . While we continue to await their decision, please complete the survey below to let us know your thoughts about the school year once school buildings are reopened.

Meet and Greet

It was a great turn out of our families. Students were able to meet their teachers and families were able to learn about what distance learning would entail and what was needed. Thank you also to the families who came to pick up their students curriculum. We still have a few bags and computers left on campus. Please come as soon as you can so that you can retrieve your materials.

Parent Contact Information and Laptops

Thank you to the families who have already completed this form. We are using this form to update our contact information as well as see if families need school issued laptops. Parents, if you respond to the last question of "Does your child have access to a computer to complete work online ?" with yes, you are saying that you do not need a school laptop. We have noticed that has been the issue for many families that say they have made a request. I am happy to say that as of the publication of this newsletter, there are currently only five more requests that have not been filled as yet.

As I shared in a Class Dojo message, I have reached out to our Imagine sister schools to see if they have seasoned laptops that their students are not using. They have each made efforts to share their seasoned laptops. We are still working together to make sure that these current requests will be filled.

Curbside Pickup Meals

Great news!!!

We have decided to add early morning curbside pickup of meals for all the families who cannot make it in the afternoons. The pickup times are as follow:

Mondays and Wednesdays early pickup:
7am-8am at the front of the building

Mondays and Wednesdays mid-day pickup:
11am-1pm at the bus area

Please bring your ID, curbside pickup card and remember to wear a mask. Also, you must remain in your vehicles at all times.

Governing Board Members

We are currently looking for new members to join our Governing Board.

Families if you want to share your thoughts and concerns with the board, please also attend our meetings. Our next meeting will be on Monday, September 21, 2020 at 5:30pm.

Dates to Remember

* September 7, Labor day, No School.

*September 11 Interim Reports issued

INL Can Do Virtually Anything! Back to School!

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