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Monday, February 19, 2018

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KJ Family-

Happy Monday! Just a reminder that your time card is due by 2pm. Please email to kj

Thank you to everyone who attended the staff meeting on Friday. What a wonderful time to gather together, catch up and meet about the upcoming concert. Your time and dedication to KJ is much appreciated. Here are some highlights we discussed:

1) Spring Concert: Please plan attending all the rehearsals for all your classes. ALL staff members will attend Monday night for curtain bow.

2) You may be asked when the deadline is to switch, or add classes and still participate in the Spring Concert....the answer is Spring Break. Costumes can be ordered up to Spring Break. Students can still add classes and take dance, but will not participate in the concert.

3) If families approach you about their children performing in all three nights of the Concert, and they are TWC students, and they seem upset....please have them come to the office. You may also say, "Since your dancers get to perform in all three nights, you may want to choose just one for your family to come and watch." We want to keep them happy, so please send them to the office and have them speak to someone if anyone is upset their child or children are in all three nights. We will take it from there! :)

4) All things concert will be stored on the drive. It is important that we use the same music etc., so please access the drive when you start concert choreography this week. If you have any questions, please direct these to Audrea.

5) Be aware at all times of your surroundings. There have been a few questionable men around the perimeter of the studio. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please come and get someone from the office, or take kids into the next studio. It is extremely important that we never leave kids unattended in any class for any reason. Thanks for keeping all our students safe at all times.

6) Summer hours will be very similar to those last summer. There is a Google Form attached below to submit your available hours for the summer. We will be putting schedules together and get back to you soon! Several of you had great ideas for summer classes at the meeting, so we are working to put those ideas together. Please complete the form by TONIGHT, Monday, February 19th. Summer schedules being staffed ASAP! All summer hours will be scheduled by information provided on this form!

7) Summer Camps and all things SUMMER will be available online March 1st. There will be two kinds of camps this summer, both of which will be 4 days long. One camp will be PRINCESS CAMP, the second camp will be a mixture: Day 1 Shimmer Shine, Day 2 Trolls, Day 3 etc. Each day will have a new theme. These are the only two camps offered this summer. This schedule will be coming soon!

8) Rhythm and Rhyme Props: New props are being ordered at both studios. In our description of the RR curriculum, we state that props will be incorporated into the dance curriculum. Please make sure when teaching and using props that you put them away after every use. Thank you for making this preschool program fun! When looking back at our older PULSE students, they started years ago and fell in love with dance in our RR and Combo programs.

Thank you for a great BRING A FRIEND WEEK! I know some of your classes were jam packed and every student brought a friend. I appreciate your positive attitude, and welcoming demeanor. You guys make KJ what it is today! As we celebrate record numbers, I hope you know how honored I am to have each of you apart of the KJ family. The training the KJ students receive in the studios is unmatched, and our growing KJ family is a direct relation to how amazing you are.

Have a wonderful week! Another busy one as we prepare to take PULSE to ASH this weekend!




Attendance Notes Section in Studio Director:

Just a reminder that ANY and ALL communication to the office about adding students, missing students, measurements, and questions can be added in the attendance notes section in studio director!

Mark your Calendars:

Costume Pickup Day- April 27th, 2-5pm & 28th, 10-3pm

May 18-20th- Rhythm and Rhyme Recital

June 2-4- Spring Concert

Upcoming Competitions/Conventions:

ASH- Feb. 23-25th

Giving Gala- March 25th

NYCDA Dallas- April 20-22nd