News from Mrs. Brandt's Bulldogs

What's Happening in Room #13?

Happy spring! Finally, it looks like the weather will warm up this week. Keep in mind that we go outside unless it is raining, so be sure your child is dressed for recess. Weather permitting, we will be having our Spring Earth Day class party outside on Friday, too.

Citizens of Brandtville will be able to shop this Friday in the class store. Our store is running low on supplies. If you have anything to donate please send into school this week. Thanks!

I can't believe we are in our last quarter of the school year already! We only have seven weeks and there's so much to accomplish yet! Thanks for all of your support as we head into these final weeks!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Rhonda Brandt

Current Units of Study

In reading we are learning how readers make inferences in order to better understand the text. Good readers use what they know, what they read, and their understanding of the characters to read between the lines and make inferences.

We are exploring figurative language in our writing workshop. We will be looking at ways to add figurative language to our writing in order to make it more interesting. Some of the figurative language we will look at includes alliteration, onomatepiea, similes and metaphors, hyperbole, idioms, and personification.

In math, we will begin our study of geometry followed by measurement. Students will need to identify and describe the attributes of plane shapes and solid figures; identify and draw points, lines, and segments.

This week we will kick off a new PBL project. We have been charged to help the community garden and gardeners determine what plants thrive best in Indiana gardens. Students will be investigating plants, plant parts, plant adaptations, and how they grow. They will then work in teams to develop a planting guide/plan. We will be growing plants in our classroom and maybe in the beds outside our classroom windows to aid our investigation.

Scholastic Book Orders

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