Coppell Cheerleading

By: Megan Winkle

Why does it exists?

It provides a place for cheerleaders and gymnasts to practice and do what they love. It allows us to be apart of a team and be involved in the school.

What services do they provide?

They provide coaching and teaching to be well trained. They provide us uniforms and all of our other cheer items.

To whom are their products and services given?

Cheerleading is for girls age 14-18. It's for athletes of any ethnicity or family size. It is for those who want to cheer for our city's athletes and events.

How can you find them?

You can email any of the coaches for information or talk to a staff member for help.

How long have they existed?

Coppell cheerleaders have been around since the opening of Coppell Highschool. They are to be involved and entertain.