Life of Jackson

Barrington Miles

Killing the National Bank

Jackson didn't like the idea of a national bank. He claimed they only give money to the rich and not the poor. When the time came around to sign the national bank law he vetoed it. In an instant he brought down the National Bank.

Spoils System

When Jackson became president he gave many people who helped him get there money. He also gave it to people as a bribe to realect him. He also gave many of those people really great jobs. The reason they are being spoiled is because they don't do much to get this special treatment.

Indian Removal Act

This is were Jackson forcefully moved all the natives off there land to take the cotton and gold that was on it. When the Natives went to Supreme Court to get back there land Supreme Court said it is indeed the Natives land. Jackson didn't care and forced them off there land for there goods. Many Americans agreed with this because they didn't understand the Indians pain.


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In this Cartoon Andrew Jackson is dressed like a king is because he does whatever he wants whenever he wants. How he does this is he abuses his presidential powers and does what he wants. To show he doesn't care in the cartoon they show him standing on the constitution. In this Cartoon they make him look like king George to show how unfairly he uses his power.

2 Letters To The Editor


I think Jackson is the worst president ever, just for the sake of gold or cotton he would put hundreds of peoples lives in danger. He moved me and my family to Oklahoma were you cannot plant anything. My whole family came on the trip with me and our village and 50% including my family died. My family died for what one mans greed, I hate Jackson and I always will.

Factory Worker

President Jackson in my opinion is the best president yet to think that he would bring so much more cotton to the factory is amazing. The boss is doubling everyone's salary and we can finally afford all of our needs. Though it will be more work it will still be worth the extra pay. I love president Jackson and what he has done and I always will.