Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten News

February 12,2016

Enjoy the long weekend!

February Dates:

Feb. 19th- Parents stencil student shirts for Salute to America Show.

Feb. 25th - Salute to America show in Kedron Cafe 9:00 am. All Kindergarten students will be participating. Come and hear us sing!

Parents: Please practice this poem with your child for our “Salute to America” program.

Flag Poem for ALL Students to say:

You have 13 stripes- red and white.

You have 50 stars, oh so bright.

We wave you high and march around.

We do NOT let you touch the ground.

In the air, you sway and sway.

You are the flag of the USA!

February 15th & 16th Winter Break no school.

Please send in box tops for our school! Thank you!

A look ahead...

Next week we will learn about George Washington,Abe Lincoln and President Obama.

We will continue to practice for our Salute to America program and be working on numbers in the teens. The students have become very good at their addition skills and we are practicing subtraction.

We still need some parents to help Mrs. Beck with painting the t-shirts for the show. Please let me know if you can help out.

I have introduced the children to a new reading program that they can play at home on your computer. It is called, Teach your monster to read. Some students have had a chance to begin using the program at school and may continue at home. I have set all the children up with an account. No password. They only need to type in their first name.

The link above will take your child directly to the page for our class. The students only need to type in their first name (ex.adi).

Mark your Calendar for Feb. 25th Kindergarten show!

Kedron Heart to Heart Race was lots of fun! Our class won a popcorn party for the highest participation!

Thank you for all the wonderful Valentines! The class had such a great time delivering the Valentines! I hope you enjoyed their special pop-up cards and candy treats they made for you!

Needs: Hand Sanitizer

Reminder of our schedule of specials:


Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: PE