College and Career Readiness Newsletter

School Counseling Information for College Applications

The following information will assist you in filling out college applications:

Proper name of high school: Triad Math and Science Academy

Street Address: 700 Creek Ridge Road, Greensboro NC 27406

CEEB Code: 341613

Date of Entry: August/September of your freshman year: (ex. 8/15)

Date of Graduation: Always the last day of school or month/year (ex. 6/19)

Number of Students in Class: 70 (Class of 2019)

School counseling phone#: (336) 621-0061 ext.112

Counselor’s name: Hilal Zengin


Counselor’s Title: College Counselor

Fax: (336) 621-0072


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College Counselor

Hilal Zengin