Earth Day 2015

All you need to know to keep our Earth healthy this year!!!!

A brief history

In the 1960's few people cared about the environment. Factories pumped pollutants into the water, and cars pumped exhaust into the air. That all changed though when a politician by the name of Gaylord Nelson thought of the idea of Earth Day. He got this idea from anti-Vietnam War teach ins at schools. He proposed this idea in a conference in Seattle, and it took off. People were happy to find a way to express what had happened to the Earth. Schools all over the country participated and rallies were held in many cities. This event was responsible for many legislative acts that helped our Earth. Earth Day was a wakeup call for America about the environment. Without it, this Earth would be very dirty.

Intresting Facts

  1. The U.S. buried or burned more then 166 million tons of resources this year.
  2. More then 100 billion pieces of junk mail were delivered in the U.S. each year.
  3. Every year in the U.S. 200 billion drink beverages are sold, 2/3 of which are landfilled, incinerated, or littered.
  4. Recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing account for 3.1 million jobs.
  5. Recycling saves 3 to 5 times the energy waste incinerator plants generate.

How to help this Earth Day.

Reduse, Reuse, Recycle

The best way for kids to help is to follow those three special steps, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  1. I will reduce the amount of paper cups this year.
  2. I will reuse my old toys and give them to my younger cousin.
  3. I will recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum

This is what I will do; what about you.