Kristy Frye

Module 1 Answer:

The iPad is a great way to increase classroom engagment. The tools I have taken from this class have absolutely improved my teaching!

For me personally, the biggest con to the iPad and other mobile devices is the keyboard. I still prefer to type on a "regular" keyboard, and am much more efficient on one. I know this is not true for everyone, especially kids who are growing up with mobile devices. I have gotten so much faster with the iPad that I feel like this is becoming less of an issue!

I love the mobility of iPad's and other mobile devices. They don't take up much space, but allow students to utilize almost all of the features of a regular desktop. I look at the desktop computers in my classroom, that take up an entire corner of my classroom, and think about how much more space I could have without them. I also love that I can move them around the room without having to move students. Likewise, if a student wants to work on their iPad in the corner of the room, they have the freedom to move their. I still agree with this!


This course has helped enhance the use of the iPads that I have in my classroom. During this course, I was introduced to many tools and Apps that have become part of my daily instruction (SeeSaw, NearPod, Dojo, etc.). I have already created several lessons for my students that utilize the Apps and tools introduced in the course. I have really thought a lot about the SAMR Model and how it applies to my classroom and students. I have also thought about digital citizenship and how it applies to my kindergarten and first grade students. One goal that I have is to add some of these lessons into my classroom (ISTE Standards 4). The course has made me realize that I am ready to make technology use a seamless part of my classroom. My next step is to try and obtain more iPads and then begin using iPads to enhance instruction throughout the day (ISTE 2b).