Child Labor laws

By : Jennivi Guzman

How long can you work

Teens 14 & 15 Years can work 18 Hours (school week) and 40 Hours (non-school week). You can not work during school hours. Not before 7 a.m. Not after 7 p.m.

Where can you work

You can work only at places where they can exipet you. You can work where ever you want. Just now you have to have a good application. If they think you did good they will hire you. It will be the best day for you. But when you start to work there will be alot of perisher on you. When you work its not easy.

A Mexican girl works on the field.

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Where you can not work

You can not work in bad enviroments. You cant work at places that has alcohole, that has anything a liegully. You cant work at clubes, bar, a car place , and ect.

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