Internet Hoaxes

Ally Chism

What are they?

Internet Hoaxes are put up to make someone believe something is true, when in reality, it is completely false.
Internet Hoaxes are put up as a prank, but because people think it is real news, they pass it along. The Hoaxes can then spread over the Internet really fast.

When is line between pranking and dangerous crossed?

The line is crossed when someone believe someone is being or has been hurt, or when people begin sending money or donations to the hoaxer.
A hoax has gone bad when it turns into a serious lie. If adults or police get involved then that is a sign that the hoax has gone way to far.

How to tell if it is a hoax or not.

If is seems unbelievable or really extreme, it might not be true.  You cannot always believe what you see on the Internet, so if what you're seeing or reading does not seem right, then it might be a hoax.