The "Must Knows" of Vocabulary

Importance of Vocabulary

  • Students learn new vocabulary words when they read and/or are read to.
  • Understanding vocabulary helps students understand what they hear and read.
  • Vocabulary both oral and reading grow with children.
  • Dictionaries can help students learn and understand new words

Ways vocabulary can be incorporated into the classroom

  • Modeling and stimulating interest in words
  • Creating a stimulating environment
  • Teaching about words and their meanings- word parts, affixes, roots, and context
  • Expanding deeper understanding
  • Provide opportunities for children to talk
  • Integrating vocabulary across content areas
  • Monitoring students vocabulary growth

How can your teacher model vocabulary?

  • Teachers need to help students develop good vocabulary
  • Need to model new vocabulary
  • Teachers can use a word-a-day or word wall. this provides students new words.
  • Teachers must stimulate students growth in language
  • Give positive affirmation to students

How to expand on Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary Notebooks-Students can organize new words alphabetically or by clustering words.
  • Visualize or Draw Words- Can be done using a Concept of Definition Map. (Shown in the picture to the right.)
  • Watching for Words- Can be seen on television ads. Ads can be engaging and provided students with new words.
  • Using Context Effectively- one way is to use a technique called cloze. This is where every fifth or tenth word is deleted. Students then use context clues to come up with a word that can replace the deleted word.

General vs. Academic Vocabulary

General- These words are basic vocabulary or the more common words most children will know.

  • a few examples would be fancy, court, and project

Academic- Words that are not common, they will not be used in everyday conversation.

  • a few examples would be adapt, construct and ethnic

What to do at home!

  • Reenforce what students were taught at home
  • Go over vocabulary words from each week
  • students can find new words all around them, travel around their home or school and learn words that are in their everyday environment
  • Read daily with children
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