January 19 - January 23, 2015

Instructional Rounds Coming to NRES!

Instructional rounds (IR) offers a unique and powerful approach to improve student learning. IR is quite different than classroom walkthroughs. Classroom walkthroughs are often conducted with a checklist of best practices and involve coaching of individual teachers, while IR is not about supervision or a one-teacher-at-a-time approach. The process begins with the formation of a network whose members commit to helping schools (and all network members) address problems of student learning. A school identified problem of student learning, called a “problem of practice” (POP) serves as the focus for each network visit to a school. The network members are scheduled to enter multiple classrooms in small groups, use expert and precise observation techniques, and take copious notes.

After observing in a majority of the classrooms, the network reconvenes and uses IR protocols to agree upon and analyze what was observed. This stage of the process, called debriefing, keeps the analysis on specific and factual descriptions, screening out personal judgments. Network debriefing results in a collection of precisely written "patterns" that provide a comprehensive picture of teaching and learning throughout the school-as-a-whole not identification of individual teachers or classrooms.

These school-wide patterns are then used by the network to predict what students would know and be able to do as a result of being educated in this school. The members conclude their work by taking on the central question of what would need to happen in this school and system-wide, including network and/or organization support, to address the POP and improve learning at scale. This later stage of the work, called “the next level of work,” results in recommendations cast as options for the school.

The network's generation of options includes ideas for what could be done next week, next month, and over the course of a year. These options take into account time schedules, resources, and necessary support at the school and network/district level. This work is explicit and concrete, offered with the expectation that the school will decide upon its own course of action, but action that will be taken and reported back to the network.


The graphs below compare the BOY and MOY AIMSWEB Assessment results.

Maze is a multiple-choice cloze task that students complete while reading silently. The first sentence of a 150-400 word passage is left intact. Thereafter, every 7th word is replaced with three words inside parenthesis. One of the words is the exact one from the original passage.

Mathematics Concepts and Applications (M-CAP) is a test of short duration (8-10 minutes) that assesses the general mathematics problem-solving skills expected in Grades 2-8.

Math Computation (M-COMP) is a recently revised collection of math computation probes that is consistent with the aimsweb M-CAP assessment (Math Concepts and Applications) in terms of format, number of benchmark and progress monitoring probes per grade, scoring rules, reporting.


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Istation - January

There have been a lot of growth on Istation. It would be ideal to have only 20% of our students on TIER 3 according to Istation criteria. Please continue to provide interventions on a timely manner and we will see most students in TIER 1 and 2. Thank you for your hard work!
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Audit of Locked Classroom Doors at NRES

On January 15, the KISD security department came to audit how many classrooms were locked and had a magnet strip. About 75% were locked and 25% were not locked. All classroom had the magnetic strip and a system to cover the door window. Please click on the picture to see which classrooms were not locked (Pink represent unlocked). Please ensure all classrooms and offices are locked are all times since we will never know if we need to go into lockdown.

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Attendance Spirit Stick!

As we start the new semester next week, let's encourage student attendance in your classroom. Our rates are currently at 96.29% since the beginning of the year. Let's get to 97.5%!!!

Mcginty 98.89%

Rodgers 98.95%

Rogish 100%

Kneblik 100%

Ford 98.89%


Reading and Writing Project Workshop - 1 of 7 'An Overview'


Tutoring money is available!!! Please read below to determine who will be in your groups and submit your names to Julie for approval.

If you plan to tutor, students should be:

1. Either in Tier 2 or 3 of the RTI process.

2. Be progressed monitored with fidelity.

3. May have been retained.

4. Failed one or more STAAR Test. (3rd or 4th grade).

5. May be considered At Risk by KISD standards. (not TEXAS 13 criteria)

6. The tutoring groups should be at least 3 students.

Reminders and Expectations!

  • Jan 20-21: Third grade practice test. Please make sure hallways are quiet.
  • Jan 20 - 22: 4 more days to complete MOY TPRI Test Administration and Scoring.
  • Jan 20: TELPAS Raters' Review Training during PLC Meeting (Mary's Room)
  • Jan 22: Leadership Meeting (Conference Room)
  • Jan 23: 1/2 day planning. Deconstruct TEKS and plan grade level formative and summative assessments.
  • Don't forget Kindergarten and Third Grade are switching Co-Curr times on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
  • ISTs and Resource share your calendar with ADMIN this week.
  • Jan. 30: SITs are scheduled! Please check with Kristina if you have not received a schedule of the day.
  • Mid year conversations and parent conferences about POSSIBLE retention need to take place. Please see AR EIE (R2) for detailed information.

Where is Everyone this Week?

Monday 19: Dr. King Holiday

Tuesday 20: PLC Meeting in Mary's Room (TELPAS Raters' Review Training)

Wednesday 21: Principals' Meeting (Jackie)

Thursday 22: Everyone on Campus!

Friday 23: Everyone on Campus!

Staff Birthdays

Monday 12: Rhonda Hardisty

Tuesday 13: Krista Sleeper

Saturday 17: Kadee Albritton

Monday 26: Esperanza Rodriguez and Bernadette Machuca

Friday 30: Laurie Ambrose


  • "I loved the training Amber gave us on the power of writing last week! I am starting to use it in my first grade classroom this week. I am anxious to see how the kids do and how they like it. Thank you so much Amber!!! "
  • "Irma Magna our cook will become Grandma again within the next two weeks"
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