By Isaiah Suarez

Facts about the Taiga

Taiga is one of the biome that do have all the season but it have four seasons like the Deciduous Forest. The Taiga biome stretches across a large portion of Canada, Europe and Asia. It the largest biome in the world. They have warm summers ,winter is cold.

Animals in Taiga

One of the animals are the hawk owl. It diet is small mammals. It scientific name is surina ulula. The hawk owl is a carnivore. The next animal is a lynx it in the felidae family. And it diet is medium mammals. Another animal is the red throated loon. It diet is fish. And it scientific name is gavia stellata. The animal called the wolverine it diet is mammals .It scientific name is Gluo gluo. Most animals migrate. And some hibernate during winter . Some birds fur change color to blend to the snow and birds also have a warm coated thick fur that keep them warm.

Plants in Taiga

The Taiga do not have a diversity of plants the taiga has Broad leaves trees. Trees in the taiga do not loose there leaves during winter the trees keep there leaves. Aspen in Taiga turn golden between winter and fall. The Taiga has aspen and birch trees that do not look as beautiful as the one in the deciduous forest. The taiga has some of the same plants like the Deciduous Forest. Some of the plants use there needles to keep warm. The plants in taiga don’t loose there leaves in cold temperature. The plants do not bloom there leaves in spring because the plants do not loose there leaves.

Were the taiga is located

The taiga is located in the artic tundra .The taiga is located in the north of the artic circle. It also can be fond in north of north America. The taiga is the largest biome in the world it in the northern part of the equator.

The taiga climate and weather

The taiga has warm summers . The taiga is very cold and it snows. The taiga snow is very cold because it all ready cold enough .It so cold that the trees have to use there needles to keep warm .That what I’m going to say about the taiga climate and weather.

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