Some people care.

Seriously, even I know this.


To start this off, I would rather know that nobody really cares than to not know that people care enough to know. You might disagree, but this is my opinion. I mean COME ON, aren't there more than enough people to really notice what you want to do and or have done already? It might seem that life is like one big lie, but that would mean you're living that lie. When people live lies, life gets confusing from the beginning, you wonder why you don't fit in, but you know why you do at the same time. If you break out of the crowd, no one really cares, they might support you, but no one cares until something good happens. The same can be said if you join the crowd in it's giant "rave" over something else over time. Crowds will grow, and people will notice. Some people will care, others will not. I personally don't care if a crowd grows or shrinks. I myself consider myself inside a crowd. The reason I say this, is because I am actually a "Brony." Bronies are people that actually like My Little Pony for some reasons more than others, or even for every reason equally. I personally joined the crowd by music, because it appeals to my tastes more than other aspects of the shows fandom. My parents actually support my interest, and I am glad.

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