Tie Dye

Textile Technique

Tie Dye Introduction

Tie Dying is a common textile technique using fabric dye to produce patterns in (a garment or piece of cloth). This method is done by tying parts of it to shield it from the dye.

Tie Dye History

Tie-Dye History. Tie-dye, long before the 70's, was known as Shibori, a Japanese term that encompasses a wide variety of resist-dyeing techniques, which have been utilised by different cultures for over 6000 years.


1. Fold and tie your garment:

2. Soak garment in soda ash solution

3. mix your dyes

4. Squirt on your dye

5. Let it rest

6. wash it out


Tie dye interests me most out of all textile techniques because it is most attractive, creative, fun process, colourful. Tie Dying is also the trend clothing in Byron Bay which is where I love to go for the holidays and surf, so I am used to so much colour and tie dye clothing.