Transition Plus

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Staffing News

You will see several new staff in the building. Please take a moment to say hi and introduce yourselves and welcome them into our building.

If the staff are in your room, check in with them to make sure they know basic information such as punching in, ESS etc.

Accuplacer this Wednesday!

The Accuplacer is coming up this Wednesday! There is plenty of space so if you have students who want to test, please have them sign up on the sheet outside Britt's office. Students need to indicate which test(s) they are going to complete and it is also helpful for Britt to know why they are testing (admittance to MCTC, PSEO, graduation requirement, etc.).

As a reminder, this time around we are offering the test periods 1, 3, and 5 so the mac lab will be unavailable all day on Wednesday. Thank you!

Please Invite Britt!

If you have a college-bound student, student with unique circumstances, or just feel an inkling to do so, please consider inviting Britt to be a part of IEP meetings and other conversations with students/families, especially conversations related to college/PSEO/MCTC.

District related announcements

Mark your Calendars!

Student Survey

We will be administering the Student Survey here at TPlus during the week of December 4-8. Details and instructions will be covered during the staff meeting on November 28th. Administering the survey will require some class time so please keep this in mind as you are planning for the coming months.

5 Essentials Survey

Licensed staff who are on the teacher contract will receive an email with a link to the 5Essentials survey on November 14th. The survey must be completed by all staff by

December 15th.

The 5Essentials survey will also need to be administered to students. Stay tuned for more information about the plan for administering the 5E survey to students here at TPlus. The 5E will also require class time for students to complete.

Notes from PSWE meeting

Interested in the November 10th PSWE meeting? Check out the notes with this link.

Attendance/ Cadre Request

As we move into this time of the year we usually notice a number of absences increasing. Please take care of yourself, but if you are thinking of taking off to go shopping or something else not related to an illness, just remember there are staff here that need to take up the slack.

If you are an SEA working 1:1 with a student and you are planning on being out- Please fill out this request. This means the district will work on getting us a district sub on this day.