Mobile app development outside

App development Outside Android and iOS

With the increasing use of smart phones and tablets, mobile apps for various purposes are in great demand. There are a number of mobile app developers out there willing to work on innovative mobile app projects. However a majority of them are focusing on the two dominant mobile platforms namely android and iOS. It is true that Android and iOS are two large platforms that are perennial sources for mobile app developers. If you are planning to become a mobile app developer, it is wise to stay away from the stiff competition in the Android and iOS app markets. It is often difficult to compete with popular android and iOS mobile app developers Atlanta, such as Innoppl. If you offer app development in mobile platforms such as Windows and BlackBerry, you can quickly attain your fame in the market.

Although Windows and BlackBerry mobile operating systems lag behind the android and iOS platforms, they still are the favorite of many out there. Not only mobile device users out there are on the lookout for innovative mobile apps in Windows and BlackBerry app stores, but there are also industries that feel comfortable using these operating systems. While it is possible to make good money by developing consumer centered mobile apps in Windows and BlackBerry, developing enterprise level apps for industries could be more lucrative.

In the mad rush to meet the demand of android and iOS apps in the market, many of the mobile app developers have slighted the other mobile platforms. Although android and iOS are the leading mobile platforms, other mobile operating systems have also established their brands and have their own customers that comprise a good chunk of the mobile market. If you are planning to avoid the madding crowd and yet get popular in a short span, this is the opportune moment to make quick bucks and get popular by focusing on the Windows and BlackBerry app development.

While focusing on other popular mobile platforms is one way of gaining elite customers to your app development company, the popularity of HTML5 apps is growing by the day. Since HTML5 apps are cross platform compatible, marketers that target a broad demographic and industrialists that are willing to implement BYOD are after HTML5 apps. The growing network technologies and the increasing internet speed will soon make the HTML5 apps the favorite of users as well as businesses. In fact, developing HTML5 apps are very easy as anyone who is comfortable with the web technologies can easily build HTML5 mobile apps.