The Darkest Minds Alexandra Bracken


Action book

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My charater

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a) Ruby is a girl who does not know who she was when she was little and with her parents.

b) She wants to be free and not run from the PSF's.

c) A fear that she has is to be caught by one of the PSF officers.

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2. When Ruby gets snuck out of Thurmond by Cate which is a man vs. society because she was in Thurmond which is a place for kids with powers. Another is when Ruby ran away from Cate and met this group of kids which would be man vs. man because Cate says she is trying to help her but Ruby thinks she is going to give her to the PSF officers.
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Technology, "Do you know what a CT scan is? In a minute i am going to lay down and ill use that machine to check to make sure your head is alright. Pg. 19 And also power "I new what i was. I was a Green. Green is like when a kid is really smart, even smart enough to know what people are thinking (mind reading). Pg. 22

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When Ruby runs away from Thurmond. The reason why is because if she never snuck out of Thurmond with Cate, than she would have never met Zu, and the other kids in the group.

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Yes i would recommend this book because it is an interesting book about a girl who has powers who tries to get away from society. Also she is trying to not get caught by the PSF officers that are on her tail.

5 Questions to the author

1. What made you write this book?

2. How did you come up with the stuff you put in the book?

3. Do you connect to anything in the book?

4. Why did you want to write this book?

5. Have you made other books with this same genre?