For Sale- Audi R8-v12

Asking Price: 106,000

This car is on sale right now!

The Audi R8-v12 has 506 hp. (horsepower) It has a 6.0 liter v12 diesel motor. This car can sprint up to 62 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds! It can also reach speeds of 186 mph! With its four wheel drive system, and its 12 cylinder engine makes it the most high performance, road-going car.

Only on sale for 3 days! 5/3/13 - 5/6/13 come and get this car for 106,000

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More information to know before you call

The Audi R8-v12 is an amazing car. I have always wanted one. The presentation of the car is amazing and you can ride with style. It has a R8 TDI engine and, the steering wheel rim has a flat lower edge. It gives you a better feel of the auto racing drive. The Audi R8-v12 also, brings many functional benefits, including entry and exit for the driver. The steering wheel is covered in fine Valcona leather, which helps the driver grip the wheel and have more control of the car.

This Car Is Guaranteed To Be Amazing