The Bahama Island

Fun for Family and Friends!

Family Vacation!

Are you looking for a nice family vacation? Then you need to visit the Bahama Islands. They have a nice friendly environment but there are some endangered species. There is a lot of fun and exciting things to do including water and dry land activities!

Come and Visit

Fun Activities.

  • You should visit the Bahamas because of the beautiful beaches!

For example, the water is as blue as the sky and the sand is a light pink color!

  • You should also visit the Bahamas because of the wonderful food!
There is all kind of foods in the Bahamas such as sushi, lasagna, goat meat, etc. The goat meat taste just like any ordinary chicken meat!

  • Finally you should visit the Bahamas because of the exciting activities!
There are so many fun activities to do in the Bahamas such as swimming with the dolphins, parasailing, and go to a water park! The water park has exciting and fun rides such as the Leap of Faith that has a 60 foot drop and at the bottom there is a pool of sharks that you get to look at as you go through the ride!