2015 Year in Review

By, Livi Schmid

3 Best Marketed Companies in 2015

These three companies have been proven to have the most successful marketing techniques for 2015.

Best Two Products of 2015

Worst Product of 2015

Top Two Movies of 2015

Top Two Musical Artists of 2015

Top Ten Best shoe brands of 2015


2. Addidas

3. Jordan

4. Converse

5. Reebok

New Years Revolutions

  • Personal Improvement- Talk less, do more.
  • Family & Friends- less online "link ups". I want to put my phone down and surround myself with people who genuinely care about me.
  • School and Outside world- I want to eliminate the desire of wanting to rekindle old flames. Whether it's a bad grade or a lost friend, whats out, is out. Continue moving forward.