Primary Points to Ponder

March 25-29 "The Greatest School on Earth"

Summer Learning Staff Request Form

If you want to work Summer Learning you must complete this form even if you emailed me previously!!!!

Transfer to another Campus Request Window Open.....Closes April 30. Click on Link Below

Needed Recycled Items:

Maker Space - Roberts

Brown paper grocery bags

Milk Jugs (clean n Dry)

Paper Plates


Play dough

Pipe Cleaners

Paper Towel Rolls

toilet paper Rolls

bubble Wrap


Solo cups

Art Lab:

empty water bottles , cereal boxes, and snack boxes


containers and bottles

Go Kits

Each room/teacher will be getting a red backpack known as Go Kit. This will replace the white buckets. Once you get your red bag, please put the white bucket in Room 5.

Pine Tree ISD MIni-Conference

t is time to begin planning and preparing for our 4th annual PTISD Mini-Conference. This year's event will be bigger and better than ever before with two full days of learning. We would love for our staff to benefit from your expertise!!!

Have you attended a workshop or conference this year that positively impacted your practice? Did you try a new instructional strategy that changed your classroom? Do you have knowledge that you can share with others?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, take a moment to click on the link to submit a session idea.


It is time to begin the school store!

Big picture

Some of you wanted to read the TEPSA article written by Walker, Maberry and below

Please check below Service Years with Pine Tree ISD. Let Evelyn know of any corrections.

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Tier 2 Tutorials

Please give Yoder and Mosley feedback on Tier 2 tutorials that we began in February so we can discuss Wednesday
Primary Calendar of Events

Check this every week so you can keep up with events. Click on links to see attachments.

Attendance Incentives for Rest of the Year

We need to have our attendance at 97% daily.

Attendance Incentives for Rest of the Year

Our attendance has been low the last few months. We need to get our daily attendance up to 97% a day. This is on average 0 or 1 student missing from each classroom a day.

To do this, we are going to have an incentive program beginning next week. Please send home the letter to parents on Friday and post on Seesaw. We will email a copy as well as posting on Facebook.

High Five Club- We will have a quick reward for all students each week.

School Store- more info is coming. Shopping will begin in about 2 weeks.

What we need from teachers:

Contact a student each day they are absent through text, email, phone, Seesaw, etc.

Perfectly Punctual Scorecard- Students will need to fill this out each day. You can hang them in the hallway or in the room. One Fridays, anyone who has all five stars circled will turn the card into the office. You can have one student walk all of them down for the class by lunch. We will draw for a gift card at the end of the day. You will need to make copies each week.

Extra copies will be in the office.

Thank you for helping use get the kids to school every day!