PBIS and Discipline Updates

January 2020

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PBIS Focus Area - Work as a Community

This quarter, we are going to work as a community! Give students Coyote Cash for improving our school culture. Some examples might include: holding a door for a peer or adult, cleaning up their classroom, picking up garbage on campus, helping peers with classwork OR attending after-school tutoring sessions.
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Revisit Expected Behaviors

In order to keep behavior manageable, take a day to revisit your classroom expectations, interventions and collective commitments. Ask students for their opinion on what is working and if anything needs to be changed. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Education is a TEAM EFFORT! Use student feedback to strengthen classroom routines, maintain a positive classroom environment and create meaningful connections.

Coyote Cash by Month (through December 2019)

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Coyote Cash by Grade (through December 2019)

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PBIS Rockstars!

The following teachers awarded the most Coyote Cash from December 2nd, 2019 - December 20, 2019. The PBIS Team thanks for your support! Please e-mail Justine Hoch for a list of incentive coupons!

Jessica Lucas

Douglas Slone

Jessica Chatfield

April Heuss

April Figueroa

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What if Something Isn't Working?!

Tier 1 interventions in PBIS and Discipline are accessible by 100% of students 100% of the time. If you are seeing a high number of discipline referrals, you may need to consider revising your expectations OR the consequences when expectations are not met.

Tier 2 interventions in PBIS and Discipline are available for SOME students. These are more specialized interventions such as Check In/Check Out or small group instruction in certain skills.

Tier 3 interventions in PBIS and Discipline are provided to a few students who need intensive skills training. These are individualized interventions, such as a point sheet or behavior contract.

Always remember to BE CONSISTENT! If you are not going to enforce the consequences equally for 100% of students, the action should not be punishable!

Contact Justine Hoch if you would like to fine-tune your PBIS procedures and practices.

Contact Darrell Davis if you need some ideas or suggestions on how to be flexible while maintaining high standards for behavior and discipline.

You can schedule a visit from John Sarnecki for your most challenging classes by submitting the Mach Form found in the Howler Hub!

PBIS Tips and Tricks

In your PLC, Create a PBIS Menu! Make a list of 3-5 expected behaviors. Come to a consensus as a team and assign a point value to each behavior. Write on your board HOW students can earn Coyote Cash each day and start awarding students for these positive behaviors immediately! This will create consistency in the department and it will create predictable ways for students to earn Coyote Cash!


Turning in your cell phone earns you 2 Coyote Cash per day (Own Your Education)

Turning in your homework early earns you 1 Coyote Cash per day (Own Your Education)

Being a peer tutor earns you 3 Coyote Cash per session (Working as a Community)