Daja Always Be Yourself

Never Sacrifice Who You Are For Anyone

Song: "Who You Are" by Jessie J

Jessie J - Who You Are
  • This song is saying that you should stay true to yourself,even though sometimes you may feel insecure or feel pressure from those around to act or look a certain way.
  • I can relate to it because as I was growing up,I had a complete change in heart and mind.I used to be that girl who always tried to prove people that they were wrong about me.But then I had a complete reality check. I still have some things to work on with that part of me but I'm getting there.
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Picture: "Staring At My Reflection"

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  • This relates to me because at a time in my life I was trying to be something or someone that i wasn't. I was always that sweet little girl who everybody was rude to and talked about. It got to a point to where I turned into the people who were treating me wrong. One day I had to look at who I had become and realized that's not who i really was or wanted to be.
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Article: Nursing

  • This article relates to me because I always wanted to be a nurse growing up.
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