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doTERRA for kids

If you have kids in your house, I would urge you to discover the powerful ways in which doTERRA oils and products can support a healthy lifestyle.

If you are nervous about using oils on your children you really don't need to be. There is strong science to support your choice and they can be truly wonderful for your children. We enjoy them daily in our house. My daughter went a year and a half without having a day off school. If these products are used with care and common sense, you can safely reap all the benefits they have to offer.

- See more at: https://doterra.com/US/en/blog/safety-physiology-essential-oils-and-kids#sthash.Exw3LbR4.dpuf
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doTERRA essential oils

If you love essential oils you will love doTERRA essential oils. The best thing to do is to email me what you would like to use the oils for. Together we will work out what oils would be best for you and your family. I then set up your own wholesale on-line account - you have control over that and it is password protected.

doTERRA for children

If you are nervous about using essential oils on the younger set, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Essential oils are not novel. While it may seem like essential oils are just the latest and greatest thing, they’ve actually been used by humans for millennia. Essential oils contain constituents that will be recognized by our body systems and handled appropriately. Rest assured that if you use essential oils on your children, you’re not inventing the wheel.

2. Kids are not tiny adults. Remember that oils are potent, and you only need a very small amount to achieve efficacy, especially when it comes to children. A little bit goes a very long way. Adjust amounts accordingly. See Recommended Ideal Amounts.

3. Dilute. Kids’ skin is different from adult skin; it’s thinner and generally more sensitive. Even though most oils tend to be non-irritating on the skin (especially on the bottom of the feet, where the skin is thickest), it’s a great idea to dilute essential oil in a good carrier oil before applying to children. You’ll still get the same benefits of the essential oil—you’re just adding extra moisture and pampering delicate child skin. The doTERRA Touch products are great for this, by the way. They’re our favorites!

4. Diffuse. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of essential oil without the worry of skin reactions. Inhaled oils have long been studied for their ability to enhance feelings of relaxation, encouragement, excitement, focus, and well-being. Additionally, diffused oils may support a healthier indoor environment. That’s always a bonus when you’ve got a houseful of kids.

5. Oils FOR kids, not BY kids. The labels on doTERRA’s oil bottles remind us to keep them out of reach of children. Kids won’t understand the potency of the essential oils—they only know that these lovely liquids smell divine, and may go overboard in using them. Adults, not children, should always be doing the oil applications, and judiciously at that.

6. Be informed. doTERRA has mountains of information about safe usage of essential oils on their websites. There’s an entire team of support staff who answer questions about essential oils and products (just email productsupport@doterra.com). And don’t be afraid to chat about oil usage with your family doctor or pediatrician—medical professionals like having a holistic picture of their patients’ health situation, and they have access to other medical literature that can help guide your decisions.

- See more at: https://doterra.com/US/en/blog/safety-physiology-essential-oils-and-kids#sthash.Exw3LbR4.dpuf

doTERRA OILS - recommendations for your children

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JOIN my TEAM - change your life!

I am excited to offer you the opportunity to be a part of my team. Together we will change the world, one drop, one person, one community at a time.

If you are looking for a business that has at is base pure essential oils this is it! The purest oils in the world.

Many people have hangups about MLM companies but we have the highest retention rate at 72 percent. Most MLM companies it sits at 13%.

RANKING - the TOP 24 MLM Companies and we are at No. 2

#2. doTERRA

Users swear by the oils, and for whatever reason, people (and not just people in Utah) are strangely passionate about telling their friends about them. Or tagging them in their therapeutic oils home meeting post on Facebook, for that matter. After only five years in business, they broke ground on a $60 million headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Arguably the hottest network marketing company in the world, doTERRA is a spin-off from Young Living, although they’d hate to hear it that way. They’re both killing, but doTERRA started much later (2008) and manages to have a slight momentum lead:

Bottom line: Both companies are doing well, but doTERRA seems to be Young Living 2.0.

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To help you see where you stand with weekly Fast Start earnings, you can log into mydoterra.com (your dōTERRA back office) and right on the home page you will see a breakout of where you stand!

Frequently Asked Questions - Why these oils?

doTERRA essential oils are safe, potent, and effective because:

  • plants are grown and harvested in their native region for maximum potency
  • 3rd party testing ensures oils are genuine, potent, and authentic
  • CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is beyond organic, verified pure, and free of fillers, pesticides, and foreign contaminants.

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