This is Sparta!

celebrating our great city-state

The Greatest Army in the World!

Us Spartans are known for having the most powerful army in the land. Back in 600 B.C. the Messenians slaves had rebelled and almost overthrown us, as we were outnumbered eight to one. However as our army often has, we emerged victorious. The Helot uprising led our people to believe that the best defense would be to create a society whose sole objective was to be amazingly strong. This resulted in strong Spartan soldiers that dedicated their entire lives to serving their Polis, especially in the army.
Since we are ruled by an Oligarchy, our society was designed to encourage self-discipline and endurance for all of our people. This was in effect only so that the Spartans could mold the citizens into soldiers from a young age. Strong and fit boys are sent to the barracks on their 7th birthday, and the training began. The training system our young boys face is hard, and yet they emerge as true men on the battlefield. For example the boys are expected to steal their food, and a whipped when they are caught, this tactic although harsh, forced our soldiers to be self-sufficient on the battlefield. Long Live Sparta!

Women in Sparta!

Our women are not only the most beautiful in the land but also the most free. While the boys were training to become fierce warriors our women enjoyed all the freedoms men do, except for the right to vote. The girls ran, wrestled and played sports in order to show that not only our men could get down and dirty! Although they have no role in the army that we are well known for, the women of our city-state still serve a very important purpose to our society.
Our women birth the soldiers needed to man our armies, and also manage the family estate while their husbands were away serving the Polis. Us Spartan men can get married ar the age of 20, and many do in order to begin their legacy in case they die on the battlefield. Throughout the rest of greece, outside of Sparta, they view our women as scandalous, and yet I envision them to be more like the women of the future than any other civilization.

Thermopylae "300"

Thermopylae was a pass that the Greeks tried to defend in battle against the Persian forces led by Xerxes. The Greeks had known that they were outnumbered and it was no surpise that the Persians won. However, our country is proud of that battle. Going into battle those soldiers knew that they were most likely going to die, however they knew that their duty was to protect Greece and stall the Persians. All 300 of these men died defending our country, can you image the strength, skill and willpower that these men had to posses in order to stall an army of thousands? The Persians might have one by pure numbers, but skill wise the Spartans were the true victors.
If these soldiers had not gone on their suicide mission, many Greeks might have willingly become Persian sympathizers, which is what we had feared. Led by the Spartan King Leonidas, his forces had hoped to restrain the Persian army long enough so that Xerxes forces would have to sail away for food and water, although Thermopylae was taken over by the Persians the soldiers that died there are a constant reminder to fight for what you believe in, even when you have no hope or chance.

Athens Victory

Tension between us and Athens had been building for years. This had occurred to the point that each of our forces believed that war was inevitable. We struck the first blow to show how powerful we are and to gain the upper hand in battle. In 431 B.C. we invaded Athenian territory and destroyed their local food supply. However the Athenians were not concerned because they had built walls and could safely import food to their city, without fear of a spartan attack.
When the Spartans attacked Athens a second time the Athenians fled behind the great walls that protected Athens. However, disease quickly spread in the tight over crowded city, killing one third of the population, including many important military figures giving Sparta the upper hand. After the plague, Athens had little chance against Sparta and eventually Sparta emerged from the Peloponnesian War victorious!

Athens vs Sparta

The better city-state is Sparta. The Athenians may have had the most powerful Navy, but the Spartans had the most powerful army. This meant that the Athenians only had the advantage in water, while the Spartans would have the advantage in land and most combat. The Spartan society was based on becoming powerful. This meant that they had only the best and strongest warriors in their armies, not only that but the men served their Polis until they were 60, meaning they dedicated most of their lives to protect their city.
Sparta is also better than Athens with the support that when the two went to war, the Spartans emerged victorious. Not only this but the Athenians had built large walls to protect themselves from invasion, and yet the Spartans did not need such protection due to their amazing army. Not only that but it is evident that the Spartans are more dedicated to their duty, they held back the Persian army with just 300 men, a suicide mission that I'm not so sure the Athenian army would be willing to voluntarily do