Read the SAME TEXT multiple times

1st Reading: Breaks the Surface

Teacher and/or students read and THINK and ask themselves...

  • What did I just read about?
  • What am I thinking, noticing, wondering?
  • Students should jot notes to track their thinking.

2nd Reading: Get more information and gain a better understanding

Teacher and/or students read/listen for...

  • a specific purpose - example - to look for an answer to a question
  • to gain a better understanding of the reading.

3rd Reading: Get a DEEP understanding of the text

Students reread on their own...

  • to find EVIDENCE in the text to support their answer
  • respond in writing or discussion

Pink and Say - Purpose for 2nd and 3rd Close Reading

In Pink and Say, you notice pictures of hands throughout the text. Explain what you think the hands symbolize throughout the text. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.