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January 28, 2016

STEM in the Classroom!

4B students have been using science, technology, engineering and math to work with SPHEROS in the classroom! Curious what a Sphero is? Check out the clip below! 4B had a blast building a golf course for our Spheros. We are excited to learn how to measure angles with a protractor and code our Spheros to navigate our courses!
What is Sphero SPRK Edition?

Reader's Workshop

Reader's distinguished facts from opinions and used facts and opinions to make inferences about text as well as pictures. 4B went on a Fact and Opinion Scavenger hunt utilizing a Times for Kids newspaper to skim article headlines in different sections and predict whether articles will contain facts or opinions. Reader's also identified the author's implied purpose for writing a text and used the analyze/evaluate strategy to determine author's purpose. We discussed rhythm, rhyme form and sensory language within poetry.

Writer's Workshop

Essayists understand ways that writers commonly open and close essays. We realize strong writers try out multiple leads and conclusions before deciding which work best for their essays. We created cohesion with logically sequenced information within our essays. Students ordered mini-stories and facts within our essays chronologically, or from least to most important. We began typing our essays using Google Docs.


The partial products method of multiplication as well as the lattice method was introduced for both 1 and 2 digit multipliers. Students understand the importance of learning new algorithms, but also know they may choose whichever method they are most comfortable with on quizzes and tests. Feel free to check out some examples of each method below!

Students practiced reading, writing and comparing large numbers in the base 10 place value system. Mathematicians discussed sensible ways of reporting a count when counting a large number of items. For example, Phillies home game attendance rates! We spent some time preparing for our Unit 5 assessment by taking a practice test and working in small groups to review concepts.

Up and Coming

Immigration Museum: 2/25 in APR from 2:15-3:00

International Food Festival: 2/25 in APR from 6:00-7:00pm