11 Birthdays

Wendy Mass


Amanda and Leo were born on the same day and have there birthday parties togther every year. They were best friends until there tenth party. They didnt speak to eachother till there eleventh birthday when they relise that there birthday wont stop repeating. They help eachother to stop the day from repeating. Along the way they become frinds again and have some fun.

My Review

I really liked this book because I have some troubles finding books that keep me reading and this book kept me reading for sure! I liked how Wendy Mass writes because she never writes to much or to little. She developes the characters through the whole book and you dont know there full personality till the end. I also really like her writing because most kids can relate to amandas life without all the magic


I recomend this book to anyone who doesnt like reading as much because it will keep you reading

I give this book 5 stars!

"You will spend your birthdays together forever"