TLC Newsletter

May 2016

It's Been a Great Year!!

This is our final newsletter for the year.

It's been a great learning experience for all of us.

We want to thank everyone in the Union School District for participating in our TLC program. We have collaborated, shared and grown as a district.

The whole program is based on teachers helping teachers which improves student achievement.

"A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

--John Maxwell

Some Quick Stats

Number of teachers who went through a coaching cycle this year:
  • High School - 17
  • Middle School - 9
  • DG Elementary - 9
  • LPC Elementary - 12

New programs implemented:

  • Literacy Curriculum
  • Standards Based Grading @ Elementaries
  • PLC's via Google Hangouts
  • Middle School preparation for 1:1

Professional Development initiatives:

  • AIW videotaping and scoring student work.
  • All 4 buildings continued with IPI observations.
  • HS/MS along with the School Board did a book study with Growth Mindset.
  • Student-Centered Coaching training with Diane Sweeney.

Getting Ready for 1:1 at UMS

A "BIG" thank you to Mrs. Richard's class. They helped label all of the Chromebooks for the Middle School. They unboxed and organized 280 units. This was a big undertaking, but they enjoyed doing it. Thanks everyone!

Some Snapshots of Great Things.

Big image

Karla and Corindy worked together on ways to improve student comprehension in literacy.

Big image
Michelle is working with Jane Aswegan's kindergarten class on writing, more specifically using the Writer's Workshop model with informational texts.
Lisa West and Corindy worked intensively with progress monitoring and interventions.
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Terri Donlea is working with Michelle on using Socratic questioning in her PE classes.
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Dale working with Lynne Ternus 2nd grade class. Coding Dash & Dot.
Sarah Pospisil and Corindy worked on ways to organize and incorporate running records into her classroom.
Michelle is working with Lizzie Zondo's At-Risk PEAK Program at UHS with executive skills. Together they were able to work on interventions for individual students.
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Dale is co-teaching with Lynne Ternus. Using math skills and coding in 2nd grade.

Teamwork !

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Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Thank you to everyone for a great year. We are looking forward to making next year, even better!!