MJPS Stage 3

Term 3 2014

Welcome back to Maroubra Junction PS for another term. We are looking forward to working closely with students, parents and our community in ensuring improved student outcomes for all.
All enquiries about student progress should be directed to the class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please make an appointment with the school office or by ringing 9349 8333.

Key Stage Dates

This term the Stage 3 camp will be held on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th September 2014. The camp this year will involve a trip to Canberra – Australia’s National Capital. The camp is an exciting and busy three days which involves visits to many of the major attractions in Canberra. It is expected that where possible all Stage 3 students will attend camp. The camp forms an integral part of our teaching programs and provides students with a valuable opportunity to interact and cooperate with their peers and teachers in a unique context.

A further note will be distributed closer to the camp detailing final arrangements such as what to bring and meeting times. Please ensure you have returned the medical form and paid the deposit by Friday 1st August. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like to discuss payment.

Other important dates for Stage 3 students are:

Science show- 1st August

Author Talk- 5th August

Zone Athletics Carnival - 8th and 15th August

Showcase- 19th August

Book week Parade- 19th August

Crazy Hair Day- 20th August

Mufti Day- 17th September

For whole school events please refer to the weekly newsletter.

Term 3 Staffing

Class Teachers

5G - Mr Jeff Gold

5R- Mrs Merryn Ross

5L- Mrs Karen Livermore

6S- Mrs Shamiram Saunig

6N- Ms Trisha Noble

Assistant Principal

Ms Trisha Noble

Support Staff

Mrs Sue Mirow- Library

Mrs Lois Worsely- EAL/D

Mrs Elke Smart- Learning Support

Mrs Easter Carmeli- Learning Support

Learning Programs and Timetables

English: Throughout Term 3 the Stage 3 English program will continue to focus on developing a love for literature and for learning to be challenging and enjoyable. In reading and viewing, students will be participate in activities that will develop an active understanding and insight of quality texts by simultaneously using and applying the Super Six comprehension strategies of Questioning, Monitoring, Prediciting, Visualising, Summarising and Making Connections to aid their comprehension. Through reading, students will also be evaluating the author’s intent and discussing the structural, functional and grammatical aspects of the texts. Year 5 learning experiences will focus on the novel 'Rowan of the Rin' and explore the theme of heroes while Year 6 will be given insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia through the reading of 'The Burnt Stick' and the viewing of the film 'The Rabbit Proof Fence'.

In the writing and representing strand, Year 5 students will be focusing on developing imaginative texts (narratives, poetry and descriptions). In addition, they will examine different descriptive language devices and sentence structure. Year 6 students will continue on developing their imaginative and persuasive writing skills as they respond to themes/issues presented to them through the reading program.

Mathematics: This term students will revise and expand on their skills in the following strands: number, patterns and algebra, data, measurement and space and geometry. More specifically learning will focus on fractions and decimals, chance, properties of a circle, position, measurement, mass and bar and sector graphs. A strong emphasis on working mathematically and problem solving strategies will continue to be incorporated across all strands.

HSIE: Students will learn about Australian Government, representative democracy and how the Australian Parliament works through a unit of work called ‘Parliament of Wizards’. Students will create an imaginative world, complete with its own parliament. In this world, the students become members of Parliament and face the challenge of representing and making decisions on behalf of their citizens. This unit of work will be supported by Stage 3’s home learning research tasks.

ICT: This term, students will participate in a series of ICT tasks to support their learning of ‘Australian Government’. Students will be using different web 2.0 tools to present their research. Some of these tools include voki, timetoast, and prezi. The use of different ipads apps such as popplet and explain everything will also be used to support students’ learning. How to be a safe digital citizen is also addressed regularly.

PDHPE: This term, students will complete a unit of work on Drug Education. The Drug Education program looks at the definition of a drug, effects of drugs, the role of the media and making personal health choices. Our PE program for this term will be the students’ participation in the Dance2BFit program. The focus of the dance tuition will be preparation for performances that will take place at our school concert next term. All Stage 3 classes will have their Dance2BFit lesson on Thursday. This term, students will required to wear sports uniform on Thursdays and Fridays only.

Creative Arts: In visual arts this term, students will be developing their drawing skills. To support the Dance2BFit program and coincide with the start of the Commonwealth Games, students will be learning how to draw figures that depict a movement. Students will focus on drawing the angles and gestures of the body when frozen in different frames. They will then produce a 3D sculpture of a body using wire. Students will also analyse the difference between a caricature and a traditional portrait. They will look closely at what materials have the different artists used, what elements dominate: colour, line, pattern, shape and how the artists used and organised these elements. They will look at different caricatures of political figures, sport heroes/ famous people and compare with a photograph of each person. They will analyse what features have been exaggerated, what the artist has chosen to express and how they have portray positive or negative qualities of the person and what comments or statement do they think the artist is making.


Assemblies: This term assemblies will be held on friday morning from 9 to 9.30am. They will be hosted by our Student Leaders. Please check the newsletter for 3-6 assembly dates.

Uniform: Students are expected to be dressed in full school uniform each day, including black leather school shoes and school hat. Any accessories such as scarves should be one of the school colours, red and green.

Notes: If your child is absent from school, a note explaining why is required by your child’s class teacher within 7 days.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your child and the school.

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